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Roe v. Wade Celebration at the Roundhouse

  • The Roundhouse 1173 Paseo De Peralta Santa Fe, NM, 87501 (map)


The Santa Fe chapter of NOW (National Organization for Women) rides the momentum of the Women’s March on Washington by hosting a celebration of Roe v. Wade decision in the NM Capitol Rotunda. On Tuesday, February 7 from 10am -11am supporters of a woman’s right to decide her reproductive health will gather to honor the 44th anniversary of the Supreme Court ruling.

The January 22, 1973 United States Supreme Court ruling that ensures a woman’s right to obtain a safe and legal abortion from a health care provider is under threat like never before, in state houses across the national and in Washington.

Within the first week of his tenure, the 45th President of the United States has threatened Planned Parenthood with defunding. He also waved his pen and reinstated the Global Gag Rule that blocks U.S. aid to international organizations that perform or even talk about abortion. Not to be outdone, Vice-President of the United States Mike Pence become the highest-ranking United States official ever to speak at the 44th Annual March for Life, where Pence pledged to accelerate the Trump-Pence anti-abortion platform. If that’s not enough evidence that there is a war on women gathering steam, there are at least forty-six anti-abortion bills in various stages of review in fourteen state houses across U.S. Some of the bills that were shot down in previous Republican attempts at becoming law have been resurrected from the dead with new vigor, and the support from the Trump Administration and its allegiance to creating a pro-life America, no matter that according to a Pew Research Center study, 7 in 10 Americans believe that Roe v. Wade should remain the law of the land.

Here in New Mexico, there are no fewer than four Republican-led bills to be introduced and heard on the floor of the Roundhouse that aim to challenge and dismantle various key aspects of a woman’s right to decide to have an abortion. While we are fortunate that in New Mexico’s the House and Senate are guided by pro-choice advocates, including the three top positions within the Democrat’s new majority leadership are being occupied by women, the erosion of our human rights is a constant threat in Washington and our state. We must resist.

You can do you part by joining our Rapid Response Team. We will alert you to opportunities to make your voice heard. You’ll be the first to know how you can take part in rallies, events and actions that support one of our valued partners like Santa Fe Now and  Planned Parenthood that champion women, girls, and families. Now is the time to stand tall with women and their families in the face of an attempt to reverse the progress we have fought so hard for.