Dear Fellow New Mexican, 


- Click HERE to fill out a form letting Governor Martinez know you would like her to approve the bi-partisan budget passed by the legislature during the last session, then follow up with a phone call to her office telling her the same here: 505-476-2200


On May 15th, the New Mexico Supreme Court will consider whether they will overturn Governor Martinez's irresponsible vetoes of the bi-partisan state budget passed last session by our legislature.  Among other things, she vetoed ALL funding for state universities, a move that is already harming recruitment and retention efforts for students and faculty.  At issue is the fact that the legislature did not pass her "tax reform" package which would have raised taxes on groceries, on non-profits and schools, on doctors, and would have raided the pensions for our public officials.  The version passed by the legislature would have raised revenue by closing tax loopholes and adding an additional gas tax.  

The Governor has asked for a special session on May 24th (at a cost to New Mexico taxpayers of $50,000/day) to hash out these issues, but we think she should hear from New Mexicans before this drags on any longer.  Please contact Governor Susana Martinez this week to demand that she sign the budget passed with bi-partisan support by the New Mexico legislature last session.  Please click HERE to fill out the contact form on her website and call 505-476-2200 and leave a message with her office to let her know that you support the budget passed by the legislature this last session and that her actions are irresponsible and are harming New Mexicans.


Dear Governor Martinez, I am writing to urge you to stop holding New Mexicans hostage and sign the budget passed last session by the New Mexico state legislature.  We cannot afford to play politics with our budget.  It was passed with bi-partisan support and has the support of most New Mexicans.  I am very disappointed and disgusted by your actions.

Finally, we want to say we were very disappointed (as we are sure most of you were as well) to see the soda tax defeated last week.  This is not, however, the final word on pre-K funding for Santa Fe.  Retake Our Democracy is launching an effort to keep this issue alive and will be canvassing in the coming weeks to listen to the concerns of New Mexicans and to seek alternate sources for this funding.  Stay tuned to find out how you can help.
Thank you for all you are doing!

In solidarity,
Amelia + Marisa