Weekly Action Email #3

Dear fellow New Mexican,

This week we have two items. One is an item to contact your reps, and the other is a School Board Election reminder, with endorsements.



We have a real opportunity to show Trump that New Mexico rejects his ridiculous wall. Representative Javier Martinez of ABQ has introduced a bill that would "prohibit the use of state land for the construction of a new barrier ordered or sought by the federal government on the state's border with Mexico." Call your state-level representatives and ask them to support Representative Javier Martinez's HB 292. You can find your representatives HERE.

Meanwhile, Republican State Land Commissioner Aubry Dunn contacted Trump to offer a land swap that would give over state land for the wall in exchange for federal land within NM. Dunn said, "I do not wish to be political fodder for any side of the issue." TOO BAD. This is political. Contact his office and tell him New Mexicans REJECT the border wall and his proposal to Trump.

Phone: 505.827.5761
Email: adunn@slo.state.nm.us


US Congressman Steve Pearce of New Mexico's 2nd district has been an outspoken supporter of Trump's agenda including the wall and the Muslim ban. Call Congressman Pearce and tell him that New Mexicans DO NOT support the wall or the Muslim ban, and that we demand he withdraw his support of both.
Phone: 202-225-2365


If you are like us, you may not have voted in previous school-board elections -- turn out is usually quite low.  This year, however, it is CRITICAL that we turn out. Governor Martinez and Representative Pearce have been working with the Tea Party to get a Republican majority on the local school boards.  In the last several days, they have been POURING money into the state and flooding the airwaves with advertising for their conservative candidates.  We must stop them.  PLEASE vote tomorrow, Tuesday, February 7th at your regular polling place. 

Find your district HERE.

Voting is ESPECIALLY important in Albuquerque and Las Cruces. Our list of candidates endorsed by the American Federation of Teachers and Progress Now New Mexico is HERE.


Nationwide resistance is proving effective! Keep up the good work, and thank you for standing with us!!

In Solidarity,

Amelia and Marisa