Dear fellow New Mexican,

First off, some success!  Last week we asked you to call in support of Sanctuary cities and the Resolution to re-affirm and strengthen Santa Fe's Sanctuary status passed unanimously!  Albuquerque also passed it's memorial 6-1, which states that "Albuquerque will not use city resources to identify or apprehend illegal immigrants “unless otherwise required by law to do so.”  Good work everyone!

We would like to ask you all to call TODAY to address the following bills that are moving through the Roundhouse.  Apologies for the late notice, but with 20 days left in this session, things are moving at a quick pace over there. 

Support The Health Security Act (HB101)

Please call the following 2 Representatives to let them know that you support this bill (HB101) to provide universal health-care coverage for all New Mexicans, regardless of the person's age, income, employment, or health status:

-Representative Patricia A. Lundstrom (House Appropriations Committee Chair) 
Capitol Phone: 505-986-4316

-Representative Debbie A. Rodella (House Business and Industry Committee Chair) 
Capitol Phone: 505-986-4329

Call YOUR state Representative about the following bills:
(You can look up your state rep HERE)

Please tell your state representative that you are calling to ask them to vote YES on: HB101 (see above), and YES on HB284. HB284 helps women have easier control over their reproductive rights by extending birth control prescriptions to 12 months--eliminating the need to go to the pharmacy every 30 to 90 days for re-fills.

Please ask the your state representative to vote NO on HB199/SB210. This bill has already passed the Senate and is supported by PNM. The bill would make it harder to install solar power in your home--the state house of representatives is the last chance to stop this bill.

CHECK OUR CALENDAR for upcoming events across the state, and spread the word to keep our email list growing!

Thank you for all you are doing!

In Solidarity,

Amelia + Marisa