Dear fellow New Mexican,

Both of the topics we're covering this week must be addressed TOMORROW, Tuesday February 21st. Today (Monday) is a holiday, and Wednesday is when these topics will be voted on, so set a reminder to make a few calls tomorrow!


We would like to kick off this week with an easy follow up to last week's calls to help reduce gun violence in New Mexico. We need you to make two quick calls to Santa Fe representatives in reference to HB-50/SB-48. This bill would extend background checks to private gun sales, and close the gun show loophole. Peter Wirth and Brian Egolf have the power to move this bill to the floor for a vote, but have not yet done so.

Please call ON TUESDAY:

Peter Wirth (D) Santa Fe - 505-986-4727

Brian Egolf (D) Santa Fe - 505-986-4782

When you call please express the following: (1) support for criminal background checks for all gun sales; and (2) ask directly that the representative move the bill to the floor for a vote.


With Trump's new focus on deportations last week, it is more important than ever to protect and preserve Sanctuary Cities around the country.  Being a Sanctuary City does NOT mean that you protect criminals. It simply means that city resources will not be used to enforce federal immigration laws (the responsibility of federal agents).


Santa Fe is a Sanctuary City, but a resolution introduced by Renee Villarreal and Joseph Maestas would reaffirm and strengthen that status and our support for immigrants. According to Retake Our Democracy, the 3 city councilors listed below are reportedly "on the fence" about supporting this resolution. Please call on TUESDAY, the vote is Wednesday:

Chris Rivera (District 3) - 505-955-6818

Ron Trujillo (District 4) - 505-955-6811

Michael Harris (District 4) - 505-955-6817

If you live in Districts 3 or 4 (see district maps HERE) it is especially important that you call them and let them know that you are a constituent and that you support the resolution.  If you don't live in District 3 or 4, call them anyway and let them know that you support the resolution and that you will be watching to see how they vote.

It is also important to offer positive feedback when our elected officials do good work since usually the majority of calls they get are from people who oppose what they are doing. Email a "thank you" to the city councilors who introduced the resolution here:
Renee Villarreal:  rdvillarreal@santafenm.gov
Joseph Maestas: jmmaestas@santafenm.gov
And call the Mayor of Santa Fe, Javier Gonzales, to thank him for his strong support here: 505-955-6590


Albuquerque's status as a Sanctuary City was de-activated by Mayor Richard Berry in 2010. Call your city councilor on TUESDAY (the city council meeting is Wednesday) to let them know you support council resolution M-17-4 to "reaffirm the city of Albuquerque's commitment to diversity and immigrant friendly status, and to safeguard the civil rights, safety and dignity of all our residents, whether they be immigrants, war refugees, people of color, muslims, jews, LGBTQ people, or people with disabilities." You can find your city councilor HERE.

CHECK OUR CALENDAR for upcoming events across the state, and spread the word to keep our email list growing!

Thank you for all you are doing!

In Solidarity,

Amelia + Marisa