Dear fellow New Mexican,

Let's start with some good news: New Mexicans are standing up and pushing our state forward! In the first election since Trump took office, progressive candidates TRIUMPHED over Tea Party candidates backed by Governor Martinez and Congressman Pearce across the board. Thanks to all who made it to the polls last week. We 're already seeing positive change from our collective efforts. Let's keep it up!


SB259, a bill that will prohibit domestic violence offenders from being able to possess or purchase a firearm while under a protective order, will have its first hearing in Senate Public Affairs this Tuesday, TOMORROW! According to the American Journal of Public Health, a woman is shot and killed every 16 hours by their intimate partner in the U.S., and in New Mexico, men murder women at the sixth highest rate in the country. Studies show that restricting abusers access to firearms is an effective policy, reducing domestic violence homicides by as much as 25%. And even more striking, studies show that “would-be killers do not replace guns with other weapons to effect the same number of killings. 31 states including the District of Columbia already have this law in place. It's high time we instate this law here in New Mexico.

Please take 10 minutes to call and/or email the Senators in this committee TODAY and urge them to vote YES to SB 259.

Senator Ortiz y Pino  Email:  jortizyp@msn.com  Phone: (505) 986-4482

Senator Bill B O’Neil  Phone: (505) 986-4260  Email: oneillsd13@billoneillfornm.com

Senator Craig Brandt  Email: craig.brandt@nmlegis.gov  Phone: (505) 986-4385

Senator Candice Gould  Email: candace.gould@nmlegis.gov  Phone: (505) 986-4266

 Senator Liz Stefanics  Email: liz.stefanics@nmlegis.gov  Phone: (505) 699-4808

Senator Jeff Steinborn  Email: jeff.steinborn@nmlegis.gov  Phone: (505) 986-4862

 Senator Mimi Stewart  Email: mimi.stewart@nmlegis.gov  Phone: (505) 986-4267

Senator Stuart Ingle  Email: stuart.ingle@nmlegis.gov  Phone: (505) 986-4702



A General National Strike is being called for on Friday, February 17th.

If you are unable to take the day away from work, the organizers of the strike have compiled a good list of ways to engage with this effort. Please take a look at THIS LIST, and engage this Friday, February 17th in any and all ways that you can.

And lastly, there is SO MUCH going on all over New Mexico right now. Please take a look at our calendar.

This effort is just the two of us, so please continue to let us know about upcoming events that your fellow New Mexico Is Watching members would want to know about, and keep in spreading the word. Our email list has doubled in just three weeks and we're excited to see it continue to grow. The greater our numbers, the greater our impact!



In Solidarity,

Amelia + Marisa