Weekly Action Email #2

Dear fellow New Mexican,

This past week has been horrifying. Our heads are spinning and we find ourselves overwhelmed. After much discussion of what to focus our simple action for the week on, we have decided to stick with an issue of local importance. We hope you will reach out Senators Heinrich and Udall about so many of the terrifying things that the Trump administration is doing at the national level, including the Muslim ban, Steve Bannon's appointment to the National Security Council, so many of his cabinet appointments, and the absurd wall. We have both senators numbers listed HERE. We will keep these emails focused making sure we are keeping things sane at the state level.

Though it may seem small in comparison to the week's events, nearly a third of us here in New Meixco depend on Medicaid. This week we take our action from the New Mexico Center on Law and Poverty. Text below quoted from their email:

Medicaid is in jeopardy of being underfunded [...], even though New Mexicans strongly oppose cuts to the program. Medicaid must receive at least $55 million additional state dollars to ensure it is fully funded. The consequences of not providing this funding are: 

  • Losing $220 million in federal matching funding for our healthcare system;

  • Foregoing over 2,000 jobs in the healthcare sector;

  • Healthcare benefits and services cuts for the 890,000 New Mexicans who receive Medicaid; including children, seniors, people with disabilities and low-income adults;

  • New fees for low-income patients that prevent people from getting needed healthcare; and

  • Endangering Medicaid in the face of federal changes that are likely to base future funding on current state funding levels.

Your voice must be heard! Please call the Governor and legislators listed below and ask them to fully fund Medicaid. We cannot afford to lose more jobs, cut healthcare, or create hardships for patients. Ask them to put at least $55 million more into Medicaid.
It will take less than 10 minutes - simply leave your short message with each person's office along with your name, number and city. These legislators are members of the House Appropriations & Finance Committee that will be making the first budget decisions about Medicaid. It is important you call them this week!

Governor Martinez 505-476-2200

Representative Patty Lundstrom 505-986-4316

Representative Liz Thomson 505-986-4249

Representative Christine Trujillo 505-986-4249

Representative Rudy Martinez 505-986-4248

Representative Jimmie Hall 505-986-4215

Representative Larry Larranaga 505-986-4215

Representative Sarah Maestas Barnes 505-986-4221

Representative Nick Salazar 505-986-4432

Representative James Smith 505-986-4233

Representative Candi Sweetser 505-986-4255

Representative James Townsend 505-986-4450


In Solidarity,

Marisa + Amelia

P.S. Check our CALENDAR for upcoming ways to engage with progressive politics in NM!